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It is important to know this:

You Have Rights.

​We emphasize that our consumers have these rights:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect

  • To receive services that meet individual needs

  • To the services of a certified language or sign language interpreter and written materials and alternate format to accommodate disability, consistent with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, at no charge, delivered through provider networks

  • To receive culturally sensitive care which does not discriminate in regard to gender, race, national origin, language, age, disability, and sexual orientation

  • To privacy and confidentiality, consistent with state and federal regulations

  • To appeal any denial, termination, suspension, or reduction of services

  • To receive all services which are medically necessary, as applicable

  • To know who is responsible for authorizing and performing treatment/services and the professional status of those providing services

  • To be provided treatment and services in an environment free of abuse, neglect, financial or other exploitation, humiliation, retaliation, and any other human rights violation

  • To access self-help, advocacy, and legal services

  • To be informed in a timely manner about, and to participate in, decisions regarding your treatment services

  • To receive the information necessary for you to make informed decisions including your records

  • You, your family, legal guardian, or advocate have the right to initiate a complaint or grievance if you feel that an agency policy, procedure, or action has infringed upon your rights

  • Other legal rights


Consumers whose services are funded by the Missouri Department of Mental Health have the right to file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Mental Health Office of Constituent Services.


Office of Constituent Services

Missouri Department of Mental Health

P.O Box 687

Jefferson City, MO 65102


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